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Institute of Fire Engineers "The institution is the international qualifying organisation and learned society for fire engineering and fire safety professionals"



Trade association for suppliers to the Fire and Rescue Services, representing the concerted industry voice across a spectrum of legislative, regulatory and standards issues affecting its members. Firesa
already influences and participates in the decisions which affect the industry and its practitioners, forging a co- operative environment which benefits its members, their customers and ultimately the public.


Links to Other IDEX Buisness Unit's
Hale Products Europe is a unit of IDEX Corporation, a manufacturer of proprietary pump products and engineered equipment with leading positions in niche markets. Its engineered products are sold to a wide range of industries throughout the world. IDEX shares are traded on the New York Stock and Chicago Stock Exchange under the symbol IEX.
Class                      www.class1.com
Multiplexed electrical systems, engine information systems, liquid filled pressure gauges, plumbing components for fire apparatus, portable water pumps, custom electrical assemblies, custom wiring harnesses
Hale                 www.haleproducts.com   
Truck-mounted and portable fire pumps and rescue tool systems. Electronic and mechanical components and systems and related controls for the fire and rescue and specialty vehicle markets.
Hurst                   www.jawsoflife.com   
Hurst and CENTAUR Jaws of Life hydraulic, electric and manual tools for extrication and forcible entry. Hurst Low Pressure Rescue Airbags for vehicle and building extrication.
Lukas                     www.lukas.com    
A comprehensive range of hydraulic rescue tools and accessories for all kinds of rescue operations, including hydraulic tools (lifting cylinders from 5 tons up to 1100 tons, hydraulic hand and motor pumps, presses, pullers), and hydraulic rerailing equipment for all kinds of rolling stock as well as recycling and industrial cutters 
Stainless steel clamping systems, band and buckle, preformed clamps, hand and power application tools, hose fittings, clamping kits, stainless steel cable ties and identification systems. Sign systems, sign and signal mounting systems and hardware.
Industrial, high pressure (2:1) and EHEDG-certified hygienic air operated double diaphragm pumps.
Positive displacement rotary vane pumps, single and multistage regenerative turbine pumps, and small horsepower reciprocating piston compressors.
Precision-designed tinting, mixing, measuring and dispensing equipment.
Precision-engineered equipment and controls for dispensing, metering and mixing paints, coatings, colorants, inks, dyes and other liquids and pastes. 
Gast Manufacturing Worldwide                                                          
Vacuum pumps, air motors, vacuum generators, regenerative blowers and fractional horsepower compressors.
Electrochemical systems and ancillary equipment for generating and delivering chlorine dioxide (ClO2), a highly effective biocide. 
Single and multi-channel peristaltic pumps, gear pumps, piston pumps and automated sample preparation systems.
Wrightflow Technologies
Circumferential piston pumps and quality replacement parts to fit leading brand circumferential piston pumps.
Electro-mechanical chemical dispensing systems, peristaltic pumps, related electronic controls and accessories.
Positive displacement, turbine, electromagnetic and coriolis mass flowmeters. Electronic registration and control systems. Positive displacement rotary vane pumps, side-channel pumps, regenerative turbine pumps, and small horsepower reciprocating piston compressors.
Warren Rupp
Double-diaphragm pumps, both air-operated and motor-driven, accessories, and aftermarket replacement parts for competitors' products.
Miniature, precision-engineered external and micro annular gear, piston, centrifugal and vane pumps. Peristaltic pumps and programmable drives. Complete fluid-handling system components and assemblies for OEM and industrial applications. 
Metering pumps, special purpose rotary pumps, peristaltic pumps, electronic controls and dispensing equipment.
Replacement parts and repair kits Wilden® and ARO® that fit air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps.
Precision high-pressure fluid valves and OEM sub-assemblies.
Positive displacement rotary vane pumps, flow meters, valves, dispenser systems, fuel management systems and accessories.
High-purity fluid handling products such as chemical pumps, slurry delivery pumps, DI water heating systems, acid heaters and related accessories for the microelectronics industry.
Air operated double diaphragm pumps, several models featuring the patented Elima-Matic® non-stalling, non-freezing air valve technology.
Vican Pump
Rotary gear, centrifugal, turbine and Linco pumps and strainers.
Viking Pump                                   
Rotary gear, lobe and metering pumps, strainers and reducers, and related electronic controls.
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