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How to Obtain a Letter of Credit
How to Obtain a Letter of Credit - Export
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Payment Options
How to Obtain a Letter of Credit


Unless specifically agreed otherwise, the following procedure should be followed to open a Letter of Credit (L/C):-
1)             All L/Cs should be irrevocable and confirmed by a UK bank, payable at sight at the counters of a UK bank upon presentation of correct documentation.
2)             Please raise L/C in the name of GODIVA LTD, CHARLES STREET, WARWICK, ENGLAND. Do not show telephone numbers, etc.
3)             Documents – we provide as standard an invoice & transport document. If additional documents are required which have not been quoted, we reserve the right to recover our costs.
4)             Please keep the number of documents required to a minimum. Separate shipping weight & packing lists are not normally provided but relevant details are always included on the invoice.
5)             Please ensure that the description of the goods ordered is accurate and kept to a brief summary and that shipping terms match the value of the credit, e.g. you do not call for “freight prepaid” if the value of the credit is “ex works.”
6)             Please ensure that L/C does not prohibit the provision of photocopied documents.
7)             Please note, ALL negotiable documents must be submitted via the advising bank. Under no circumstances will any negotiable documents be forwarded to you direct.
8)             Unless expressly prohibited by local legislation, please allow transhipment on the L/C. This will allow us to dispatch more quickly. If your chosen method of dispatch is by consolidated air freight, the L/C must allow both transhipment and House airway bills.
9)             Any goods of USA (Hale / Class1) origin, will not qualify for “preferential trade” status with the EU and therefore EUR1/ATR1 etc. documentation CANNOT be issued. Please ensure that such documents are NOT called for on L/C.
10)          Letters of Credit should be valid for shipment for at least a further 28 days after the acknowledged due date to allow us to arrange shipment and obtain documentation. Validity for negotiation of documents should be 21 days after shipment date.
11)          We have no preferences as to the UK bank used – please allow your bank to select their own corresponding bank in the UK as this will minimise your bank charges.
12)          Lead-times for orders with L/C as agreed payment will have – by default – a minimum 6-week lead-time, regardless of the product offered. It is incumbent on you to ensure that once we have received your order, the “draft” L/C is issued to Godiva Customer Service for review at least 4-weeks prior to the order promise date. The final L/C is then to be in place either 2-weeks prior to the order due date OR at the end of the calendar month prior to due date – whichever is the earlier.
13)          Godiva Limited will charge a fee of 2.5% of the total order value for acceptance of L/C as form of payment against any order. This is to cover all administration and bank charges. We will offer a rebate of 2% of the total order value should we receive a satisfactory, clean L/C in line with these guidelines and within the time period stipulated in clause 12) above. This rebate will be payable by BACS transfer and we will require your full bank details at time of ordering.
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