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About us
Welcome to Godiva Limited

Welcome to our website, here you will find information on our company, latest products, exhibitons, recent events as well as comprehensive data on our entire range (subject to registration status).

We hope that you find it useful, if you have any comments on the site that we may appreciate, please send them to us. 


Godiva Limited is the world's leading provider of specialist equipment for the emergency services market. With extensive manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe, and representative offices and distributors throughout the world, Godiva produces truck mounted and portable fire pumps and the Class 1 range of electronic instrumentation. Godiva Limited is the home of the internationally recognised GODIVA brand of fire pumps, which are to be found in service in more than 100 countries. Godiva Limited is an independent manufacturer with decades of experience in fine-tuning products at the heart of the life-saving business.

Godiva Limited is part of the IDEX Corporation, a world leader in fluid handling technologies for positive displacement pumps, dispensing equipment and other highly engineered products. IDEX is a diversified manufacturing company with global production, design and distribution capability. The company is committed to operational excellance through the use of Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma and global sourcing practices. 

The GODIVA pump range consists of midship and rear-mounted pumps, both single and multi-pressure. Offering discharge flowrates of 1500 l/min to 10,000 l/min, these pumps are the result of many years of ground breaking design expertise. The latest designs offer performance characteristics to the most demanding European standards, whilst benefiting the operator in terms of reduced servicing requirements and enhanced features.

The KP series of rear or midship mounted PTO driven fire pumps offers the ultimate in unrivalled performance up to 1500 l/min because only the KP offers both a single-pressure and a multi-pressure option, reduced whole life cost of ownership, is easily installed and maintained all in the smallest, lightest package in the market. A pump ideal for the small to medium size fire appliance.

The range of portable and skid-mounted pumps feature petrol and diesel engined models. From an ultra-lightweight  portable offering 275 l/min (weighing only 28kg) to a diesel-powered skid-mounted pump offering 10,000 l/min, there is a product to suit every requirement. A range of rugged and high-performance trailer pumps, featuring both petrol and diesel engines, completes the line-up. 

Foam Proportioning and CAFS Systems 
Firefighters across the world are looking for technology that offers both faster knockdown and reduced application of water. The superior fire fighting power of compressed air foam systems (CAFS) is increasingly recognised. Godiva has been a leading developer of CAFS technology for many years, and can now supply a range of integrated engineering solutions designed to complement the equipment inventory of any service from OEM installation to retrofittable, self-contained systems -

Prima SmartCAFS Integrated CAFS – a CAFS system integrated with a Godiva Prima Series vehicle mounted pump and installed as a single unit.

Integrated package systems – MCP50S, MCP100S - powerful systems for OEM installation in small and large fire vehicles.

MiniCAFS – the leading retrofittable CAFS solution, ideal for the smaller vehicle.

As part of the fire suppression group in the IDEX Corporation, Godiva Limited can also offer products from its immediate parent company – Hale Products Inc., USA,  which produce a range of vehicle and portable fire pumps that successfully complement the Godiva range. The customer can also meet their emergency service needs for hydraulic rescue tools and other rescue products through their Idex sister companies - Lukas, Hurst and Vetter.





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