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GP8/5 – Powerflow Portable Pump
GP10/10- Powerflow Portable Pump
What does WTA/B mean?
This is the description of the type of pump you have:

WTA – Worldseries, Twin Pressure, Aluminium
WTB – Worldseries, Twin Pressure, Bronze
WSA – Worldseries, Single Pressure, Aluminium
WSB – Worldseries, Single Pressure, Bronze
How do you engage High Pressure (HP)?
High pressure is only available in the WTA/B range, There is a ball valve that by closing or opening will engage or disengage the high pressure. It can be operated manually from a rod to the front of the pump or air actuate
Why are the piston primers noisy on tick-over?
This is because the pump is running too slowly and the piston primers are not disengaging, this can lead to high wear and failure. The pump should run at approx 1150-1200 RPM, this gives an internal pressure in the pump of 1 1/2 – 2 BAR.
The piston primers are disengaged by low pressure water acting on the back of the piston and pushing the end of the piston shaft off the cam.
Why is a temperature Relief Valve fitted?
The TRV is a valve in the low pressure system that will open and discharge water when the temperature reaches 42°C or 72°C (there are two types of valves). They are fitted to protect the pump from overheating.
How do you get low pressure in the hosereel?
On previous pumps the change over ball valve only opened to allow high pressure to the hosereel. We considered this unsafe and with the Worldseries, moving a similar valve allows the user to have both high and low pressure through the hosereel.
Why do we call the filter self-cleaning?
The filter in question is the High Pressure filter; this is fitted to protect the high pressure system including the ‘Gland Seal’.
Due to the configuration of the water flow in the pump, when low pressure is selected water will be directed over the filter brushing off any debris. When high pressure is selected and the pressure reaches 55 BAR ‘The high Pressure Relief Valve’ will open and also direct water over the same filter also cleaning off any debris attached to the filter.
Why should ‘Sealing Caps’ be fitted to the collecting head?
If a cap is not fitted the mushroom valves can leak this will make creating a vacuum very difficult (if at all)
Piston Primers - what is optimum priming speed?
Run the pump at 2500rpm. Do not let idle speed drop below 1200rpm.
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