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GP8/5 – Powerflow Portable Pump
GP10/10- Powerflow Portable Pump
GP10/10- Powerflow Portable Pump
What depth can you prime from?
The pump will operate down to 7.8 metres
What is the correct priming speed?
Move the accelerator to the 3/4 position then push the start button.
Why do you need 3 BAR differential between the outlet pressure and the suction pressure?
This is necessary because the engine does not have its own cooling system (i.e. radiator and fan) Cooling is achieved using a heat exchanger system, water from the pump is moved through a heat exchanger at the same time as water from the pump. Heat is transferred from the ‘hot’ engine water to the ‘cool’ pump water; this transfer keeps the engine in its normal operating parameters. The 3 BAR differential between suction pressure and delivery pressure ensures that water flows through the heat exchanger keeping the engine water cool. Failure to keep the differential pressure will cause overheating and damage to the pump.
What are the pumps limits?
The maximum input pressure should not exceed 8 BAR (Pressurised suction) and maximum output pressure should be no more than 22 BAR.
What is the lifting definition of the pump?
The GP10/10 is designated as a four man lift. Details of the lifting weights at each handle and the location of the centre of gravity are given in the Operating Manual.
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