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New Powerflow 12/10 and 17/10 Portable Pumps
01/05/2013 00:00:00
The new Powerflow 12/10 and 17/10 portable ranges have been designed to deliver an unrivalled power to weight ratio. On average 30% smaller in cubic volume than leading comparable products, the 12/10 and 17/10 are small enough to stow easily in a side locker.

Rated at 1700 l/min at 10 Bar, and capable of flowing up to 2450 l/min, the 17/10 uses the highly efficient, but lightweight, Weber MPE 850 engine to provide 56kW of power. Standard user friendly features are fast exhaust gas priming, twin discharge valves, a strong robust stainless steel frame, highly accessible controls and instruments including fuel level gauge and hours run counter, ignition/battery charge warning light, engine oil and coolant warning lights, pump compound gauge and delivery gauge.
Optional features are a wheel assembly, detachable floodlight and a separate 18 litre fuel tank. The water cooled engine is electronically controlled to give the optimum performance and will run for an hour at the rated performance on one tank of fuel. The Powerflow 12/10 shares the same engine/pump configuration as the 17/10 and offers 1200 l/min at 10 bar performance.  
Both pumps are fully conform to the latest standards – EN1028, EN14466 and CE safety standards and are ideal for a range of applications – frontline fire fighting, relay pumping or de-flooding operations.
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