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Prima SmartCAFS50
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Prima Series vehicle pump with CAFS  - a unit driven directly from the pump pto for compressed air foam fire fighting. Prima P1 or P2, 2010 or 3010, aluminium or bronze models can be used. CAFS unit is a compact package attached to pump rear, comprising a compressor, FoamLogix proportioning unit (2.1A or 3.3) and mixing manifold. The computer controlled FoamLogix system constantly monitors the water flow to maintain an accurate and reliable foam/water ratio, designed to inject Class A or B foam between 0.1% and 9.9% range. Foam pump is an electric driven rotary plunger pump with a maximum foam flow rate of 8l/min or 12l/min. Compressor is rotary twin screw compressor with integral air receiver/separator and lubrication system, nominal output of 50scfm at 7 bar. Fitted with Smart switches for selecting wet or dry CAFS - allows discrete performance and preprogrammed positions.
This is state-of-the-art technology providing the advanced fre fighting power of compressed air foam - improved knockdown times, reduced water damage and water useage.

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