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Powerflow 17/10
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The 17/10 is a single stage centrifugal pumps directly mounted to a compact and highly efficient Weber 2 cylinder, 4 stroke engine.

With a volute and impeller designed to maximise efficiency and output the 17/10 offers a continuous performance of at least 1700 litres per minute at 10 bar of pressure with a 3 metre lift. Ideal for incidents where a large volume of water is required rapidly the 17/10 delivers a maximum flow of 2450 litres per minute at 3 bar.

The pump has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it meets the demanding expectations of the latest standards – EN1028, EN14466 and CE safety.

When size matters

Until now you have had to choose between performance and size. With the 17/10 there is no compromise. It delivers a powerful performance from one of the most compact footprints in its category - 677mm x 525mm x 620mm

On average 30% smaller in cubic volume than comparable products, the 17/10 is small enough to stow easily in a side locker, freeing up space to store other equipment and reducing the overall pay-load of the vehicle.

The 17/10 offers a superior performance to weight ratio, delivering at 10 bars 15 litres per hour per kilogram of weight. This high output to weight ratio makes it on average 35% better in terms of pump output per kg of payload than other 4 stroke engine pumps in its category.

Its compact footprint makes the 17/10 easy to manoeuvre and two small wheels are fitted as standard. Designed for demanding applications the 17/10 will run continuously at a 30° inclination in any plane.

To aid lifting and carriage four adjustable fold away handles are strategically placed to improve stability and reduce ergonomic strain. Its size and weight removes the need for a specialist hydraulic lift to stow the unit reducing handling and maintenance costs associated with size and improving deployment time.

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