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Godiva Fire Pumps started life in the late 1930’s as a division of Coventry Climax Engines Ltd., a manufacturer of internal combustion engines which they supplied to a number of motor companies, including Lotus racing cars, located in and around the Coventry.

1937 - the British Government (in anticipation of possible hostilities) decided to use GODIVA fire pumps.
The FF trailer pump was the first design to be used during WWII.

FF Trailer


1950 GODIVA launch the FWP: the first lightweight single stage pump using corrosion resistant aluminium alloys with a new 1022c.c. lightweight engine.

1950s Coventry Climax Advertisement


1958-1965 - Coventry Climax entered one of the brightest periods of its history when it became involved in motor. During these years more than 50% of World Championship Grand Prix were won with Coventry Climax engines.

Cooper-Climax racing car 1962


These motor racing successes all came from an engine originally designed for a fire pump application and subsequently motor racing contributed to the worldwide fame of Godiva Fire Pumps.

1968 - introduction of the Godiva Universal Multi Pressure Pump (UMP) was the biggest innovation in Fire pump technology in the twentieth century allowing Fire Brigades to operate high and low pressure discharges simultaneously for the first time.

Godiva UMP Pump


1989 - the Godiva and Hale Companies merged to offer a wide range of high quality Fire and Rescue Equipment from three of the best known brands in the fire business – Godiva, Hale and Hurst Jaws of Life (an earlier Hale acquisition).

1994 – Acquired by the IDEX Corporation and created the IDEX Fire Suppression Group.

Over the next two decades IDEX identified and acquired further fire equipment companies to reinforce their position as a supplier of the core items on a fire fighting vehicle. The group now comprises Godiva, Hale, Class1, Akron Brass, Akron Weldon and AWG.

Prima Pump Prima UV SmartCAFS

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