Godiva Quality Assurance

Godiva Quality Policy

The policy of Godiva Ltd is to provide its Customers with products that satisfy, in all respects, the specified requirement.

The principle that shall apply throughout the Company is total commitment by all personnel to achieving Customer satisfaction by the provision of consistently high quality products and services.

This principle is endorsed by the active involvement of all personnel, in seeking through continual improvement monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of the Quality and Environmental management systems.

To accomplish this Godiva Ltd have implemented a Quality Management System, which shall be continually reviewed for suitability.

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Statement of Purpose:

To Our Customers.

We shall establish and maintain an honest and responsive partnership with all of our customers, dedicated to providing superior products and services on time.

We will continue to supply and support innovative, safe and reliable products through technological development to meet the needs of emergency services worldwide.


To Our Employees.

We shall provide an opportunity for employment that is challenging and financially rewarding.

We intend to provide a stable environment for job satisfaction, professional, and personal growth.

We shall provide a safe work environment that is conducive to positive attitudes.

We value open communication, diversity and unity of purpose, with respect and fairness to all employees.


To Our Suppliers.

We are committed to establishing a long-term professional partnership with our suppliers, both internal and external, that is mutually beneficial.


To Our Shareholders.

We shall provide to our stockholders maximum sustainable growth in value of their investment over time, through application of sound management principals and fiscal integrity.


To Our Communities.

We are committed to being ethically and morally responsible in our communities.

We shall encourage support and involvement in activities, which enhance the quality of life in communities in which we reside.


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