Godiva Product Testing

Godiva manufacture pumps to the highest standards, and an integral part of that process is accurate, rigorous and verifiable testing procedures.

On build completion, all Godiva pumps are submitted to a two stage testing process –
1. Static pressure testing – to ensure the pump construction is capable of withstanding the pressures of working conditions.
2. Performance testing – a series of dynamic tests requiring the pump to meet or exceed a range of discharge flows and pressures.

A dedicated, EN1028 compliant, Test Department with equipment to cover the range of possible test scenarios is maintained at the Godiva plant.

This comprises EN standard compliant test well with 375 kW electric motive power,
Pressure and flow measuring equipment to cover the range of performances required. Ability to test with high ambient and water temperatures for tropical climate simulation.

In addition there is the capability to test engines up to 82 kW with an engine dynamometer.

Production test facilities include (3) electric dynos up to 187 kW for vehicle mounted pumps and facility to run engine driven portable pumps, all with pressure and flow measuring equipment to cover the range of performances required.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
We pride ourselves on having ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified quality and environmental management systems across our business from design and development to manufacture and service. All test equipment and production gauges are maintained within a calibration control system to ensure we are in full compliance.

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